Masuimi Max biography

Official website:
Date of Birth: 1978-03-12
Place of Birth: Jacksonville
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 170 cm - 5 feet and 6 inches
Weight: 53 kg - 116 lbs
Measurements: 345-22-33
Ethnicity: Oriental
Playmate of the Month: not yet
Additional info: "Hi everyone! My name is Masuimi Max, pronounced ma-su-me. I
am a model, performer and actress. I model for clothing
companies all over the United States and in London. I started

to model when I was 18 years old. For a little background
information, I was born in Arkansas, but left shortly after I

was born. My father was in the Air Force, so I traveled all
the time growing up. My father retired in Las Vegas when I
was 12 years old. I did not get along with my father and
longed to be free from his iron grip. I did everything in my
power to get away, I even packed my stuff and ran away to
Tacoma, WA. He hired a PI and got me back. Damn. It didn't
last very long though, between me changing my hair color
every other day and sticking safety pins in various parts of
my body (I thought they looked cool, alright?!) the music I
liked and my skateboards, my dad couldn't take it anymore and

kicked me out. I could not be what he wanted me to be. I
could not be the docile, don't speak unless being spoken to,
dress wearing, pentecostal girl. YAY, I finally had what I
craved for all my life, FREEDOM! Now, I wasn't a total fuck
up, I continued to go to highschool, I worked and I took
Karate. Luckily I had friends that let me stay with them! I
was determined to succeed in being on my own. My fathers last

words to me were "You're going to crawl back asking for help"

HA HA HA... yeah fucking right! I am the most stubborn, hard
headed, strong willed individual I know. I don't take shit
from anybody, I gave that up when I left home.

I needed money so I started stripping on my 18th birthday at
a really cool club in Vegas, called Club Paradise. Yeah, I
said stripping! Fuck the term "Exotic Dancer" , I was NOT
dancing! I was STRIPPING! Taking off my clothes! Ok, now that

I made that clear, on with the story. I made soo much money
my first night, I was freaking out!

I couldn't believe it! The suckie thing is that I had to go
on stage for the first time in my life and take off my
clothes. EEK! I was a nervous fucking wreck! 18 years old,
still in highschool, told I was going to hell all my
childhood, AND I had on a really ugly blonde wig to cover up
my bright red mohawk (I had a strong resemblance to Tank
Girl)... Well, like I said, "I had" and ugly blonde wig on,
it fell off while I was on stage onto one of the managers
foot! The terror, the panic, there I am, standing on stage in

front of alot of people, half naked, red mohawk and frozen!
Ack. He picked it up and handed my wig back to me. I put it
back on my head and when I did, the crowd went wild! I
couldn't believe it! Ha haaaaaa, they loved it! I went back
to shaking my ass, litterally, I didn't know what else to do
up there, so I would just go up there, turn around and start
wiggling my butt back and forth, that's it!